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Turn an outdoor space into a profitable place

The mensa eco heaters provide outdoor heating using the most economical, energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution. The mensa heaters are deigned with sustainability in mind. They are located at customer's feet to ensure no heat is lost. Save money and the environment by investing in eco heaters for outdoor dining spaces.

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How does the Heating Element work?

The 0,4kW Quartz element only activates when the in-built motion sensor detects a person sitting close to the heater. It heats the customers' legs to maintain efficiency.

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Are they easily installed?

Yes. It only requires a 13amp socket and uniquely, is a “plug-and-play” product, with a builtin inter-connector. This means you can connect up to 5 heaters together from a single mains lead.

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How do they save energy?

Motion sensors are fitted to automatically operate the heaters when customers take their seats and switch them off when
table is vacated.

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About CaterSav€®

Outdoor Catering is, and will be, vital to try and ensure that the Hospitality Industry can survive the Covid Pandemic. But the outdoor settings have to be a comfortable, warm and safe environment, to attract customers, while social distancing must be ensured.

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