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The Revolutionary Under-Table Heaters from CaterSave Technologies

Transforms an Outdoor Space into a Comfortable Warm Dining Environment for Your Customers!

Eco Table Heaters

Standard Model
Table-Tops are not included but can be supplied if required.                                  
You can use your existing TableTops.   The bracket on top of the heater is just screwed to the underside of the tabletop.

CaterSave Under-Table Heaters OnSite 1_edited.jpg

Professional Model

Our Professional Model has the Following Additional Features:

  • Motion Sensors fitted, to automatically operate the heaters when customers take their seats & switch them off when table is vacated

  • Five Tables can be linked together, via input and output connections, from one electrical socket

NOTE: Table-Tops are not included in the pricing, but are available, if required

Savelit Outdoor Tabletop

Commercial Model
Additional Features:
Fitted with Motion Sensors.......       
Automatically Switches Heater On & Off as the table is Occupied & Vacated.
Up to 5 Heaters can be interlinked together, with Connector Cables and plugged into a 13 amp socket.

Table-Tops are not included but can be supplied if required                                                  
Special Spring Offer......
Fast Return On Investment in only 8 weeks with the profit, garnered from just 2 Extra Coffees per day per table.

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