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Safety & Compliance Certification

We put your safety first.

Certification: CE Mark

Our Patio Heaters are CE certified. The letters “CE” stands for “European Conformity”. It means that our products meet all European requirements in terms of health, safety and environmental. CE Marking authorizes us to legally place our electric heaters on the market and move product freely within the EU
European standards have even got higher since 2013. More and more products are required to bear increased certification for gaining access to the EU market.

Certification: IP Safety Mark

Why should you look for IP Safety Mark on Patio Heaters?                                            

 IP Rating stands for Ingress Protection Rating. It is a two-digit number that gives information on the degree of protection of a product against external intrusions. The first digit stands for how good the object reacts to intrusion of solid objects. The second digit concerns protection against ingress of water. The two digits are independent from each other: the higher the digit, the better.                                                                                                              All our patio heaters are IPX4 rated. IPX4 is a version of the IP44, the “X” comes from our motion sensor, as it is only possible an object thinner than a piece of paper could access it.


All our eco-friendly patio heaters are GS certified. The GS Mark stands for “Geprüfte Sicherheit” in German and means Safety Tested. It is recognized throughout all EU countries as emblem of safety. Therefore, you can be sure our GS certified electric heaters are safe, legal and of high quality. The GS mark also assures you that an authorized third party has independently tested our outdoor heaters.

For more information on GS Mark, see:

DEKRA Seal Certified

This certification mark gives the customer a proof of the product’s quality and safety, which are essential elements when using patio heaters. Learn more about this certification on

DEKRA EMC Certified  Electromagnetically Compatible

EMC is the study of the unintentional generation and reception of electromagnetic energy and its relationship to electronic devices and systems. Devices with an electrical energy source like our heating products must comply with the EMC. They cannot interfere with the operation of other products nor can they be themselves affected by external interference. They comply with all EMC requirements, which allow the product to be freely marketed throughout the EU.

ISO9100:2008 Certified

The factory manufacturing these heating products are certified.

Environmentally Friendly:

*All our heaters reduce CO2 emissions by more than 80% compared to a gas patio heater.                                                                                                        *based on gas patio heater average consumption of 500g of gas per hour

Safety & Compliance Certification: Services
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