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The Answers You Need

How does the Heating Element work?

It is equipped with a unique 0,4kW Quartz Bulb

Are they easily installed?

Yes. It only requires a 13amp socket and uniquely, is a “plug-and-play” product.

Compare the Operational-Costs of Outdoor Heaters?

Running-Costs for 1 hour per heater: 
* Eco Patio Table Heater …Only €0.8c              

**Conventional Outdoor Gas Heaters…Over €2

How do emissions of our Heaters compare to traditional heaters?

Reduces Carbon Dioxide Emissions by up to 80%  – v –Traditional Heaters

How much will I save if I switch to Eco Patio Table Heaters?

If you are currently using traditional gas heaters you could save over 90% by switching to our heaters.

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